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China version ‘Meteor Garden’ approved, actors revealed!

Posted by diopatra on June 25, 2009

Source: sina
Translation: Sarah @

Just before the spring festival, China version ‘Meteor Garden’ finally gained approval from SARFT. Yesterday, reporters were told by ‘Days Entertainment Company’ that the new F4 and Shan Cai have arrived, and during the next few days, they will be busy with clothes fitting and photoshoots. The real actors are not the high-profile artists that have been rumoured online. On the contrary, only Hua Ze Lei and Mei Zuo are played by well-known artists Yu Hao Ming and Wei Chen respectively. Dao Ming Si, Shan Cai and Xi Men will be played by newcomers. Shan Cai will be played by a 19-year old film academy student Zheng Shuan.

Japanese manga ‘Hana Yori Dango’ has been remade into a lot of version, amongst them, Taiwanese version was most popular in China. The China version, which has been talked about for a long time, will finally begin filming, and according to SARFT, the changes are quite big – ‘Meteor Garden’ will be re-named ‘Meteor Rain’, F4 and Shan Cai all have very Qiong Yao-style new names, and the plot has turned from a romantic idol drama into an inspirational drama, no wonder netizens are not happy!

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Taiwanese and Korean Dao Ming Si battle: Lee Min Ho is friendlier than Jerry Yan?

Posted by diopatra on June 2, 2009


Source : UDN
translated by fewfew @

Xiao Xian’s straight-forwardness made the battle between Jerry Yan and Lee Min Ho reach its climax! At yesterday’s press conference for the Korean version of <Meteor Garden>, host Xiao Xian stated, “I’m currently filming a drama with Jerry Yan. I feel that you (Lee Min Ho) are much friendlier than he is,” which made staff members at the event felt a cold shiver. When Xiao Xian asked Lee Min Ho, who has teeth as white as Jerry’s, to “give a smile”, Lee Min Ho’s face turned green. He smiled embarrassedly and laughed lightly.

Lead actor Lee Min Ho and lead actress Koo Hye Sun from the popular <Boys Over Flowers>, has finally come to visit Taiwan. More than a hundred fans waited overnight at the airport to greet them. When they both appeared, slight disruptions were caused at the airport. At the press conference, whenever they smiled or said simple Chinese phrases like, “I like Taiwan very much” or “I hope I can come to Taiwan more often”, fans would scream non-stop.

Inevitably, regardless of Lee Min Ho’s appearance, attractiveness, or the way he talks, he is compared to Jerry Yan. When Lee Min Ho, who is 10 years younger than Jerry Yan, was asked with sharp questions, he showed no tint of inexperience. He expressed that whether it is his skin color, hair, or his double-eyelids, he agreed that he does show resemblance to Jerry Yan. He feels honored to be said that he looks like Jerry Yan and hopes that he can meet him in the future.

But no star wants to be a “bootleg version”. Host Xiao Xian ignited some flames twice. Not only were journalists in cold sweat, even fans expressed disapproval. The attendees constantly shouted, “They don’t look alike,” and “Lee Min Ho is better looking.”

Lee Min Ho sincerely admitted that he didn’t watch much of Taiwan’s <Meteor Garden> as he was afraid of affecting his performance. Koo Hye Sun expressed that although the Korean version originated from the Manga, there were some big changes made to the storyline, including how the leading characters were high school students, or how she was a national swimming champion, etc. Lee Min Ho’s conch hairstyle has become a huge hit in Korea. He smiled and said that he cannot understand why because he feels that the hairstyle looks very much like an “old Aunt”. However, he won the lead role because he proactively went to get his hair permed.

During the filming of <Boys Over Flowers> love rumors were spread between Lee Min Ho and Koo Hye Sun. At yesterday’s conference, they avoided in giving a detailed answer and emphasized that it is because the drama got very popular, thus, love rumors were spread. Lee Min Ho, who had to go against his mother in the drama to love Koo Hye Sun, stated that if he loves a girl that his family does not approve of, he would elope with her. On he other hand, Koo Hye Sun expressed that if her family cannot approve of her love relationship, she would choose to give up.

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Compare Dao Ming Si/Jun Pyo : Lee Min Ho Evil, Jerry Yan Righteous?

Posted by diopatra on May 27, 2009


Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley @

Ken Zhu Xiao Tian stood up for F4 brother Jerry Yan, yesterday seeing the GTV Korean version of “Boys Over Flowers” poster, Ken pointed at Lee Min Ho saying: “I think Jerry is more handsomer than him, he seems to carry a bit of evilness, Jerry seems to be more righteous.”

Lee Min Ho will be arriving in Taiwan to promote the Korean version “Boys Over Flowers”, because of “BOF’s” popularity has lately watched the Korean version, had a lot of feelings. He said: “The Korean government really supports the film and television industry, their first episode’s scene is entry on a helicopter, compared to us; borrowing 2 sports cars, telling us to be extra careful, the 4 of us poor guys has never driven good cars, during filming with fear, to cause damage.”

As for the Korean/Japanese version dramas all used extra props, clothing, accessories to keep up the appearance, at the time of Taiwan’s F4 they were wearing original WuFenPu Fashion Area clothes. Ken said, Taiwan’s most successful part was they were able to film such a popular product with limited budget. Up until now, all of those prop clothing are still kept safe, allowing them to remind him anytime.

This time the modern F4, Fahrenheit is on the same stage, Ken said, this is like the F4 in earlier days 少不更事 young and inexperienced, now a days the idol groups are even better qualified, the modern F4 are stylish, Fahrenheit has a variety effect.

But he says straightforwardly, Fahrenheit’s period now is like F4 then when they’ve been overly worked, looking at Jiro Wang Calvin Chen tired, obvious dark circles.

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Challenging F4, Fahrenheit want to film Meteor Garden

Posted by diopatra on May 2, 2009

To welcome Shanghai World Expo one year countdown, yesterday popular group Fahrenheit released a new World Expo MV in Beijing. Because his injury has not healed, Wu Chun was limping when performing live. However, he said that he’s actively recuperating now. If there’s a chance, the four of them even want to film together.

Wu Chun fractured his bone from Hong Kong Concert mishap. He still has not recovered until now, “During this period of time, I have requested the company for more resting time. I often sit on a wheelchair not because I’m in pain, but rather to give my leg more recovery time.” Fahrenheit is busy preparing their pictorial book which will be released in a few months, but they hope that they will have a chance to do a remake. Jiro Wang said “Actually we’ve always wanted to act in a drama together, but there’s no script. Inspired by the recent Korean’s , we also want to do this series. As long as it follows the original work, there is a possibility.” Regarding rumors of disbandment, Fahrenheit once again emphasized, “We still have a lot of dreams to fulfill, so we will not disband.”

Credits: Fahrenheit Globa1 and sweetybunny
Translated by: gigi@FahrenheitGloba1

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