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Tohoshinki first to break Elton John’s record of 12 years and 4 months

Posted by diopatra on February 2, 2010

■First to break Elton John’s record of 12 years and 4 months

Korean 5-member group Tohoshinki have made the record as the highest selling artist for foreign artists in the initial sales for singles category. Their 29th single 「BREAK OUT!」was released on 27 January and became first on the 8 February Oricon Singles Ranking Chart.

For the initial sales recorda for foreign artists, up until now, it had been held by Elton John’s “Memorial Song for the former British Princess Diana”, 「Candle In The Wind〜Tribute To Princess Diana, Britain’s Princess」(released September 1997), which sold 184,000 copies. In this area, Tohoshinki broke this record which lasted for 12 years and 4 months, by selling 254,000 copies of their single, becoming the first foreign artist in history to pass the 200,000 mark in initial sales.

In addition to becoming first place for foreign artists in initial sales, this will also be Tohoshinki’s 7th work to add on to their list of achievements for getting a #1 single, making this a double achievement for them.

Their first single in 2010 is also the theme song for NHK Drama 8’s 『とめはねっ!鈴里高校書道部』. The B-side to this song is the solo number 「XIAHTIC」which was written, composed and arranged by Junsu.

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TVXQ’s Interview with Oricon

Posted by diopatra on July 2, 2009

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Shortly before TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki’s impressive sales figure on the Oricon Chart, they conducted an interview on Oricon’s website.

Close Up

Q1: What do you want to do in your off time?
JS: Yoochun seems to like to travel; I myself also want to travel somewhere too! I want to go to the ocean.
YC: I want to travel somewhere~. Since Junsu wants to go to the ocean, uhm… I’ll choose to go to the desert then (laugh).
JJ: I want to go to Tokyo Dome. Even though we’re going to have a concert at Tokyo Dome this July, I’m never able to see my own concert (as in he wants to be in the audience); moreover, I want to go there for other events and not only concert. Like, a baseball match would be good too; I want to go to a Tokyo Dome that is full of people.
CM: I want to go to the forest or mountain or anywhere with nature. I want to go to those kinds of place to rest/heal myself.
YH: I want to come back to my parents’ house. Although it’s not somewhere special, the place makes me feel very good. In front of my parents’ house there’s a park, and it is my favorite place to be. That’s why I want to go there.

Q2: Items that you want/have an eye on right now?
JS: For now I don’t have anything in mind particularly…
YC: I want a pirate ship. But since I know that it would be hard to get one, it doesn’t have to be a pirate ship, a ship is also fine. Then, I’ll sail the ship to the ocean and do things like eating there. (T/N: You just want to go to the ocean with Junsu, don’t you XD)
JJ: I want 2 iPods. For why I want 2, one is for me of course; the other one is to give to Yoochun for his birthday because I have to (laugh). But lately I don’t have time to go buy them. (T/N: Jae thinks 5 iPods are still not enough for him… :S)
CM: Isn’t there a thing you use to cover your eyes on the plane? Eye mask? Yes that one. If I have it it’ll be dark so I will be able to sleep.
YH: Snowboard. I want to go snowboarding when winter comes. I always rented them but haven’t owned one. So this time I want to own one for myself. (T/N: You can borrow from Yoochun from TFPII LOL)

Q3: Thing that makes you feel touched lately?
JS: I got hurt recently. For that reason I couldn’t dance at the concert, but even so the fans at the concert were watching over me with gentle smiles. I was really touched; the smiles have become my strength.
YC: It’s pretty recent, but for my birthday, everyone was celebrating it for me. Everyone went to a bar, and the moment that the clock passed 12, they said “Congratulations!” to me. I was really touched by that.
JJ: Right now, I’m playing a game, and in that game, there’s someone playing a character using me as the model. Within that server, only 0.1% of the population is stronger than my character. It’s an Internet game, so there are a lot people playing it. That makes me feel very touched and happy. From now on I’ll also try my best.
CM: I got touched while watching anime “ONE PIECE”. The storyline is very good, and I really love it. That’s why it’s very popular in Korea too.
YC: Whenever 5 of use were doing greetings on stage and I saw the faces of fans, I got touched. I realized that a lot of people have come to see us. That’s why, I’ll also do my best, and from now on, I want to keep having that feeling of being touched.


Q: “Stand by U” is a very sad ballad, isn’t it?
YH: When I first listened to it, I felt that it was somewhat similar to our previous song “Doushi te Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou?”. But this song is certainly more realistic than “Doushi te Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou?”. I think that everyone, including us, has once experienced a love like that of the song.
JJ: Right. Even if it’s not totally the same, there must be a part in the lyrics that applies to each person. I myself have experienced that kind of thing, so it was easy for me to put my emotion into the song.
CM: I also sympathize with this song. That’s why when we sing it; I can naturally put my emotion into the song. I think many people would experience same thing as the person in the song, that’s why I believe that it would reach the hearts of a lot of people.
YC: In fact, we are singing this song on the tour, and when we sing it, the fans also seem to be able to feel the song. When “Stand by U” starts, everyone enters their own world. We never had a song like this before, so it brings a very fresh feeling too.
JS: Moreover, with this song, it’s not like we sing it with a loud voice or sing it with a climax; from the beginning until the end of the song, we sing it very ‘quietly’. We haven’t really sung a song this way before, so I also think that it brings a very new feeling to us.

Q: Right, this song is very hard to sing. However, I think that if one listens to it carefully, they would be able to feel the song.
JJ: That would be good. Because when we sang it quietly, it was hard to express the emotion, there were a lot of words in the song, and the pronunciation was also hard. But when we got used to it we were able to sing it with emotion; moreover, it was like a new challenge to it, so when we achieved it, it made us happy too.

Q: This song ends with a lot of regrets, as for you, is there anything that makes you regret?
JJ: Just now. Today, I didn’t get to eat breakfast so I felt very hungry. That’s why I wasn’t able to wait for my manager to by lunch boxes for us and I went ahead and ate cold Chinese noodles. Then I saw that the lunch boxes were so delicious, arghhhhh, I wish that I hadn’t eaten the noodles.
JS: Such a small regret (laugh).
YC: But I don’t really have that kind of big regret either. Because if there are things that make me feel regretful, I would not drag them along with me. I’m the type of person who faces ahead and thinks about the future.

Q: That is very good.
YH: Sure, I think we are all like that. Aside from Jaejoong’s tiny regret (laugh), we don’t really have any regret with our work/what we have done.
CM: Since we’re all human beings, I think there are times that we feel regretful. But I never think about doing things to fix it. Instead, I will think of how to not make the mistake that makes me regret once again.
JS: If we do that, I believe we’ll be able to grow more.

Q: “Stand by U” is a very sad song, but “Tea for Two”, on the other hand, is a very sweet one. It is so sweet that when you listen to it, you would feel shy (laugh).
YH: It really is a very sweet song about an ideal couple. I’m very jealous. Right now I’m very lonely, so I wish that someday I would be able to experience a sweet love like that. (T/N: You already have more than what you wish for XD)
JS: But if things are so perfectly happy like that, aren’t there things that also make you feel uneasy? Therefore, only after I overcome the uneasiness would I stay happy ever after. That’s the feeling I put into this song.

Q: What uneasy thing should be overcome?
YC: Cooking (laugh). The girl in the song was reading the recipe while trying her best at cooking. I think it’s a very important thing.

credits: KpopJjang + allkpop

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THSK’s ‘Share The World/We Are’ Single Surpasses 100,000 Sales in 2 Weeks

Posted by diopatra on May 7, 2009

The cruise of Tohoshinki’s popularity is unstoppable in Japan.

Launched on the 22nd last month, Tohoshinki’s 27th single “Share The World/We Are” finally surpassed 100,000 copies sold after two weeks.

The first 6 days in ORICON Style, Tohoshinki’s single recorded 98,033 number of copies sold, continued to an addition of 15,575 copies sold the next week, resulted in total sales 113,608 copies in whole two weeks.

Tohoshinki sucessfully placed their new single to be the winner of ORICON Daily and Weekly chart while their 4th album sales has been a blast as well. Having 6 singles as ORICON Weekly top chart, Tohoshinki broke record as foreign artist who has most ORICON weekly #1 in Japan.

Meanwhile, Tohoshinki is now running their 4th live tour – The Secret Code 2009 with their first stage was in Kobe World Memorial Hall Japan on May 4th, despites the sprained ankle injury happened to one of the member, Xiah Junsu.

Source: SPN News

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Oricon: who would you want as a younger brother?

Posted by diopatra on April 18, 2009

koike teppei

Popular stars Joe Odagiri and Masami Nagasawa are playing siblings in the TBS drama “Boku no Imouto,” and recently there has been a lot of attention drawn to real-life siblings such as Jun and Yu Shirota, as well as Kumi Koda and misono. As a result, Oricon conducted a survey on the subject. A thousand men and women were asked, “Which famous person would you like to have as your younger brother?”

Leading the list was WaT member Teppei Koike. Among the responses were comments like “He’s really cool,” and “He’s refreshing and seems really responsible.” “Through his behavior and smile, the goodness of his personality just exudes out of him,” commented a man from Miyagi.

Koike was followed by Takeru Sato, with females commenting that they can imagine “easily getting along with him and becoming really close.” “You want to brag of having a younger brother with such a wonderful smile like his,” said a female from Kanagawa.

The complete top ten were as follows:

1. Teppei Koike
2. Takeru Sato
3. Haruma Miura
4. Ryunosuke Kamiki
5. Eiji Wentz
6. Kenta Suga
7. Ryo Ishikawa
8. Yusuke Kamiji
9. Hiro Mizushima
10. Ryosuke Yamada

The results of the “younger sister” survey will be published in a few days.

Source: tokyograph

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