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Posted by diopatra on April 3, 2010

one the reason why i dont patronize entertainment news shows or tabloids here in philippines. the so called critics/writers do their JOB for the sake of just having the job done. just for the sake of earning a living. they dont care anymore what they write or say even if its pure SHIT as long as they get the attention of the public.

DJ MO is known for his outrageous remarks against celebrities and the latest target is U-KISS, a kpop group who recently visited the country. this not just a disrespect to the artist but disrespect to the culture of the artist representing. the fact that DJ MO is part of GMA-7 one of promoters of U-KISS, this is totally unacceptable. is this how you treat your visitors?

if the others see this just one of DJ MO’s way to get people talk about him, well you have your wish, because kpop fans wont let this matter rest until we hear a public apology from him.

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4minute greets filipino fans

Posted by diopatra on January 26, 2010

4minute loves you

the way they speak in filipino is cute.

i want to see them. im planning to see them in SM Megamall

anyone who wants to go fangirling with me?

here’s their schedule

February 5 – SM MOA 6pm
February 6 – SM Megamall 5pm
February 7 – SM North Edsa 5pm

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[CF] RC Cola – Kim Bum & Maja Salvador

Posted by diopatra on October 18, 2009

i know its a bit late, but really cant believe i missed this news.

i didnt know he came here. seen all his tv appearance here in philippines through YT. and seriously he’s so cute.

i love this new CF.

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WG’s Nobody on Philippine TV

Posted by diopatra on June 8, 2009


its an english version, and cant even recognize who sang it. one of the youtube covers?

the girls are gorgeous but please, the dance step are so cheap.

and i doupt JYP will be so please with this especially WG’s official english version will be release soon.

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Korean “F4” to visit RP

Posted by diopatra on May 17, 2009

The four male lead stars of a hit Korean telenovela, “Boys Over Flowers,” are coming to the Philippines.

Korean superstars Lee Min-Ho (Jun Pyo), Kim Hyun-Joong (Ji Hoo), Kim Bum (So Yi Jeong) and Kim Joon (Song Woo Bin), or popularly called “F4,” will visit the country, “The Buzz” host Kris Aquino announced Sunday.

There is no date yet as to when the stars will arrive in the Philippines but Aquino said it is going to be “soon.”

Based on the best-selling Japanese manga “Hana Yori Dango” by Yoko Kamio, the romantic story was first adapted in Taiwan as the phenomenal hit drama “Meteor Garden,” which aired on ABS-CBN in 2003. It starred Asia’s sensational boyband F4.

“Meteor Garden” remains to be one of the most successful Asianovelas aired on Philippine television, with an average rating of 42.9 percent in mega Manila and a nationwide average rating of 62 percent.

South Korea’s “Boys Over Flowers,” meanwhile, garnered an average rating of 30 percent. The show had a great impact on Korean pop culture as sales of men’s cosmetics and fashion items skyrocketed and the female lead’s hairstyle ruled the fashion world.

The Korean remake of “F4” also launched the careers of the four Asian superstars.

Aquino said the producers of the Korean show were grateful that, like Meteor Garden, it also became a hit in the Philippines.

Starting Monday, “Boys Over Flowers” will be aired at 6 p.m. before “TV Patrol World.” It takes over the timeslot of “Pinoy Bingo Night,” which will now be aired after “Tayong Dalawa.”

Source: ABS-CBN News

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