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Ella is one of the candidates for being a girlfriend, Wu Zun discusses criteria for his other half.

Posted by diopatra on February 6, 2010

(excerpt from Chun’s Exclusive Interview With

translated by : babyval22 @ CEFC
original source :…27/311942.shtml

Being in the industry for a few yrs, Wu Zun’s rumoured girlfriends are ever changing. From Ariel Lin to Ah Sa, to Angela Zhang, even Wu Zun laughed and said, “Who i’m supposed to have, I have all of them already.” No matter if she’s funny or cute, seems like all the different sort of characters a female is supposed to have, she’s included in the list already. And recently, the one that is most exposed would be the “rather boyish” Ella. Ella, who seemed as though she can only be “good brothers” with Wu Zun, can also actually be one of the candidates of being his girlfriend. He said, “Actually, she is a very caring and responsible girl. It’s not definite that being friends is the only option.” Not only Ella, Wu Zun expressed that actually, other female artistes can also be possible of being a girlfriend. “Actually, all of them can have the possibility of being a girlfriend, it’s only depending on whether I have the feel.”

Even though the rumours haven’t stopped, ever since Wu Zun entered the industry, he has been single. However, Wu Zun, who has been having a good career doesn’t feel any regrets on being single. “My schedules are already packed to the brim, and moreover, there are very few girls who would be able to accept being together with her boyfriend, seeing him for less than a month in a year. Even on Valentine’s Day, we’re unable to spend it together, so let nature take its course .” He who has good looks, admits that when choosing a girlfriend, he doesn’t really look at the appearance of a girl. Being honest and responsible is more important to him. He said, “Because i don’t like girls who are pretentious, being a little innocent would be better, she would then be willing to share with me anything.”

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Ella Chen Exclusive Interview – Shi Bao Magazine (Vol 1667)

Posted by diopatra on January 31, 2010

Source: Shi Bao Magazine (Vol 1667)
Credit of Scans: irenechenElla of Baidu ELLA
Translation by: shyun_y @

Exclusive Interview: Accused of Disagreement with Director and Being Difficult. Ella speaks up: I’m Maligned by Producer

At the scene of the studio photo shoot.

It seemed a little down to be just talking about the truth behind the scenes; actually it also involved the nitty-gritty when we were doing our cover shoot…

Ella in: Marc Jacobs sleeveless top, Loewe’s leather shorts, TOD’s high heels, Georg Jensen Infinity bracelet and Vivianna stainless steel watch.

From afar you would have heard a series of hearty laughter, even before you catch sight of her – this is the signature of Ella’s uniqueness. Her mood is always kept in the good tip-top condition. From make-up to commencement of the cover shoot, Ella is like an Energizer-bunny, bustling around the whole studio, seemingly with no intention to even catch any breather. In addition, as she is very familiar with the chief photographer, their chemistry and tacit understanding made the whole photography session very smooth-sailing. Even before our scheduled time, they have already completed photo shoots for the 4 different sets of outfits. On the other hand as I was suffering from drug allergy that day, other than the simple exchange of greetings at the start of the session, I decided to take a backseat to do other backroom duties. Meanwhile Ella seemed to worry that she might have neglected some one in the studio; hence, she even took time to walk over and chat with me before she leaves. Her gesture really made me feel the thoughtfulness and warmth from this superstar. I wish to say to Ella, your ability to always maintain an optimistic and cheerful disposition, this is the reason why everyone loves you dearly. But once in a while, please also let yourself take a breather to recharge~

(Points 1-3 are descriptions of the accessories, their designers and prices..)

Look 01
Ella in: Hermes Tennis-style dress with a plaited-long skirt and a Georg Jensen Splash necklace.

Ella’s Profile

Real Name: Chen Jia Hua
Age: 29 years old (18 June 1981)
Horoscope: Gemini
Height / Weight: 163 cm, 48 kg
Place of Birth: Pingtung County
Drama Serials: [Magical Love], [The Rose], [Reaching for The Stars], [Hana Kimi], [Down with Love].


[Exclusive Interview]

The “Little-Miss-Good-Personality” has Disagreement with Director and is “Difficult”.
Ella Speaks Up: I’m Maligned by the Producer

Ella spent nearly half a year filming the idol drama – [Down With Love] with the often misunderstood to be “most difficult” Jerry Yan. From the beginning where they were almost strangers to becoming good friends now, Ella’s optimism and humourous nature has influenced the slow-to-warm-up Jerry.

However while everyone seemed to not know how to handle the situation when Jerry is supposedly very selective in the publicity activities he attends; on the other hand, Ella, who is usually obliging to most publicity activities, was bombarded with allegations of “being difficult” to work with this time round!

Producer Ke Yi Qin has supposedly revealed that while filming in Hangzhou, Ella lost control of her temper and had a disagreement with the director. This allegation caused Ella to be upset and she cried. She shared, disappointedly, “It felt like a betrayal and I can’t trust the human’s heart.”

“Little-Miss-Good-Personality” Ella has always been very easy-going, approachable and cheerful from the day she entered the entertainment industry. Thus, “being difficult” has never been the phrase one would associate with her. However since filming in CTV and GTV’s idol drama – [Down With Love], and with the serial about to be aired, incidents of negative news about Ella has since spread from the production crew. The first allegation was that she has purposely quoted high fees for make-up and costume expenses to decline certain publicity activities. Then the recent allegation claimed that Ella lost her temper while filming in Hangzhou and had disagreement with the director. When Ella received our exclusive interview, she said, disappointedly, “It felt like a betrayal and I can’t trust the human’s heart.”

Broke Down Because of False Allegations

On 20 January 2010, during the premiere of [Down With Love], the producer, Ke Yi Qin claimed that while filming on a prop ship which has broken down under the hot weather in Hangzhou, all members of the team were left stranded on the ship for almost 3 hours. The scorching sun and stuffy weather has supposedly caused Ella to lose her temper and quarreled with the director on the ship.

When Ella learnt of the false allegations against her coming from the production team, she immediately burst into tears. Thus, she has to call off the initially scheduled recording for the variety programme – [Here Comes KangXi]. Being hurt and affected by the false allegations, HIM made a statement, “Being in the industry for many years, Ella has been very professional and respects her job. There is no such incident as claimed, regarding the disagreement with the director. We do not wish for the production team to spin negative news about our artiste just to create publicity for the drama.”

Earlier on, many of the media companies have tried to arrange for Ella to do studio shots to publicize this drama. However these arrangements were unsuccessful as the fees quoted for her assistants, in terms of make-up and styling, were too high. Thus, this gave rise to the first allegation of Ella’s decline to attend publicity activities by quoting high fees.

In response to this, Ella clarified, “I am really not trying to be difficult. When I first read about these news, I was really shocked. Such incidences will only make me even more stringent and cautious, in selecting the production teams I would work with in future, for my acting projects.”

This week, we heard from sources that, as Ella felt very hurt due to the false allegations, she might not be filming anymore in future. In addition, she would also not be participating in further publicity activities for [Down With Love]. To this, HIM expressed, “Ella still loves acting, and will continue to take on acting projects. We will assess the suitability of the projects based on the scripts and roles offered.” As for the publicity activities of [Down With Love], HIM added, “In our initial contract agreement, the serial’s publicity activities will only be until 20 Jan 2010.”

Look 02
Ella in: Blugirl tube top with a floral lace-up skirt. She is also wearing a Georg Jensen Fusion black-rimmed 3-loop ring and the 2010 limited edition design of the [ 360 ° ] heart-shaped pendant.

(Caption on the left)
In my past love relationships, I was indulged in the feeling of romance. And when this feeling has faded gradually, I ended up breaking off, thus, hurting the other parties in my younger days.

Be it “Man” Disguises, Hardships or Ugly Duckling, She Does it in a Breeze

She has filmed for many years and her seriousness and professional work ethics is well-known and won many praises. Be it having to put on “manly” disguises, braved the rain for kissing scenes, or carry a prop fridge of over ten kilograms along a bustling street, she has done it all. [The Rose] and [Hana Kimi] also gained high viewership during their telecast. Ella is the most successful amongst S.H.E members to have developed her career beyond singing, into the acting arena.

She smiled and shared that over the past 9 years, she has earned a title from many to be known as “Oshin”, as her physique is good, and she is resilient with high endurance for hard work, and does not mind less than pretty disguises. Relative to Selina or Hebe, Ella is better able to adapt to exposure of harsh weather conditions while filming outdoors.

Sacrifices Commercial Performances for Acting

Although acting projects can be very draining, Ella is most willing to forsake opportunities to earn more money for the sake of acting in a good project. She said in a sigh, as she has accepted this idol drama project, S.H.E has indirectly given up earning tens of thousands of dollars in terms of commercial performances. She is very grateful to Selina and Hebe as the trio has a common understanding that “when one benefit, all three will benefit too”. Hence they would be supportive of each other and this has allowed Ella to continue to pursue her interest in acting projects.

Ella’s optimistic disposition is the reason for her to have very good interpersonal relationships with everyone around her. Even said to be supposedly the “very hard to approach” and slow-to-warm-up Jerry Yan in the industry; Ella and him have become close friends since filming together for [Down With Love]. Both of them even made a pact that should they ever meet again in future, they would give each other a present.

Ella shared that Jerry is a very thoughtful person. He even text-messaged her when he was working in Japan earlier. She shared, “During May last year when we were filming [DWL], Jerry had to take leave to attend some activities in Japan. After his activity, he was with a group of people at a stall by the roadside, enjoying some drinks. He sent me a message saying that he thought of me suddenly and wish to share this warm feeling with me then.” When Jerry subsequently returned to Taiwan, he also brought a gift for Ella from Japan.

(Collage of Ella’s Past Acting Projects & Her Male Leads)

Having Kissed The Popular Male Idols of Each Time

2001 – [Magical Love] – Blue Lan Zhen Long
Ella’s first on-screen kiss was nerve-racking as she was a greenhorn then.

2001 – [The Rose] – Jerry Huang Zhi Wei
Many kissing scenes within the serial and the kisses felt dreamy and unreal.

2006 – [Hana Kimi] – Wu Chun
A kiss while she was in a boy’s disguise, the on-screen kiss is a funny one.

2010 – [Down With Love] – Jerry Yan Cheng Xu
The kiss between a lawyer and a babysitter that reveals their real feelings for each other.

Look 03
Ella in: Moschino mock-2-piece-jacket-&-dress outfit and a Georg Jensen Fusion black-rimmed 3-loop ring.

Takes Initiative to Joke to Build Trust

Nonetheless, such a close trusting relationship does not exist at the start of the filming. “This is only because he is really someone who needs time to warm up to others!” She shared, initially given all the talks of Jerry being “hard to get close with” and “difficult”, she was also affected and worried about not knowing how to interact with him. But when she thought it through that they have to work together for a long time, it is a must for them to be familiar with each other so as to make filming a smooth process for all. “Thus I took the initiative to greet him, chat with him and even started to tease and play pranks on him.”

Her enthusiasm and initiative lowered his self-defending mechanisms and very soon, their roles had a switch-over. Now Jerry would take the initiative to exchange greeting with her and to chat with her. Sometimes he would even playfully poke at her to express his happiness and joys. Both of them ended up bickering and playing with each other throughout the times they spent filming. From the time they were almost strangers to becoming close is akin to their relationship in [Down With Love]. Thus, the storyline is almost like a reflection of their real lives.

Most “Feel” in Kissing Scene with Jerry Yan

What Ella was most proud of was not about her “melting” the “cold” Jerry. Rather, it was their on-screen kiss. She joked, “I’ve really benefited a lot, fancy kissing a big handsome idol!” In her past serials, Ella has on-screen kisses with other male idols such as Blue Lan, Jerry Huang, Wu Chun etc. However her on-screen kiss with Jerry (Yan) has got to be the one with the most “feel” (emotions) and most realistic ever since she acted in drama serials; for this particular kiss was natural and also made her feel at ease.

She recalled, “The kiss with Wu Chun in [Hana Kimi] was one for funny effects. The kiss with Jerry (Huang) in [The Rose] felt dreamy and unreal. My first on-screen kiss was in [Magical Love] with Blue Lan. During then, I was a pack of nerves.”

Love Beyond Looks

Having filmed in a few drama serials and been through a few love relationships respectively, Ella has derived her very own “Love Evolution Theory”. She said, “In my past love relationships, I was indulged in the feeling of romance. And when this feeling has faded gradually, I ended up breaking off, thus, hurting the other parties in my younger days. Now, I’ve learnt for a love relationship to foster, both parties have to understand each other well. If you feel that the person is the right one for you after being together for some time, then you need not set requirements upon him such as occupation, appearances etc. What is most important is for both parties to really love each other.”

Ella has earned herself a stage in the singing and acting arenas and she is at the peak of her career. She fully understands that there will be a limit to what can be attained in the entertainment scene. For the future, she has a dream. She said, “I want to open a B&B (bed-and-breakfast) accommodation in the Pingtung, the place where I am born and raised. I want to house my parents and grandparents all under one roof and my whole family can come together. I will retire and enjoy my golden years in the serene and comfortable B&B that I built.”

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Jerry Yan Looking Happy, Ella Melancholy and Drunk

Posted by diopatra on July 2, 2009

Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Jerry Yan Looking Happy
Ella Melancholy and Drunk
[Issue# 423, Next Weekly]

Even Ella who had the most MAN personality within S.H.E also had moments when she could not hold on any longer!

This magazine caught a picture of Ella, looking sad and melancholic, drunk heavily while having dinner with Jerry Yan, Xiao Xian and Michael Zhang. Furthermore, recently she had cried in secret due to great stress and even beating herself on the head while hiding in a car. In contract, Jerry Yan who had always been melancholic looked very happy. Obviously since his mood had improved greatly since he started to go the more approachable route.

Ever since filming for the drama [Down with Love] started, Ella with her heavy workload was so busy that she was close to exhaustion. Earlier, she got drunk while dining and drinking with the rest of the cast and had to be taken home by her sister who lived with her. As for the melancholy Jerry, not only was he able to hold his drinks much to everyone’s astonishment, he was smiling from beginning to end. The behavior of these two people was extremely contrasting.

Heavy Drinking during Dinner with Sake Bottles Strewn over the Table

On June 25th at about 10 pm, at the “Shi-er Shao” Restaurant located on Civic Blvd in Taipei, this magazine witnessed the cast and crew of [Down with Love] having drinks and dinner together, including Ella, Jerry Yan, Xiao Xian, Michael Zhang, Chen Zi-han, director Ke Yin-zheng and others. Ella, Jerry Yan and Xiao Xian sat closely to each other and were chatting throughout. The number of empty sake bottles on the table also piled up higher and higher as the dinner continued.

Around 11 pm, Ella went outside the restaurant to make a phone call and then went back in. In the early hours of June 26th, a totally drunk Ella staggered out the restaurant with the support of her sister who then drove her home. After Ella left, the rest of the group also followed Xiao Xian out of the restaurant. Jerry Yan first gave Michael Zhang a hug before patting his shoulder and saying goodbye. According to the owner of the restaurant, Ella’s group, once they got into the spirit of drinking, had ordered 30 to 40 bottles of sake. Jerry Yan was even seen commented with teary eyes that: [we are really like a family. I will put more time into this drama…]

Too Much Stress Led Ella to Hit Herself

Meanwhile Xiao Xian kept comforting Jerry Yan: [We really hope that you would be happy. As long as you are happy, we would be happy too.] Ella who really was not very good at holding her drinks yet still went around toasting everyone, even sentimentally expressed: [I hope this drama would never end!] Perhaps it was because of everyone’s encouragement that Jerry was very happy. The cast revealed that due to the earlier hectic shooting schedule, they were not able to celebrate Ella’s birthday properly. In addition, Director Ke had to take a three-day leave of absence, therefore they specially arranged for this dinner gathering. The cast were also aware that Ella was truly exhausted recently.

Through investigation, when Ella was shooting in mid-June, she had a touch of heat stroke due to the hot weather. Furthermore, she was also suffering from menstrual pain at the same time. As a result, she ended up hiding and crying in corner on the set. She had expressed her exhaustion in her blog entry “Today I Cried”. From understanding, Ella who had a reputation of being a “little sun” even hid in a car and beat herself on the head in order to relieve the stress that she was feeling.

The crew revealed that when Ella was shooting, not only she had to encourage the adults, she also had to cajole Xiao Xiao Bin who was distracted by the heat and forgot his lines. Normally, other than treating everyone to cold drinks, she even had to walk to the convenience store herself to buy cold noodles to replace the lunchbox that was hard to eat because of the heat. Furthermore, earlier she was also busy with the Macau concert, dance rehearsals for corporate performances, shooting the HEME facial product ad, MV and personally drawing sketches for the S.H.E new book [The 3 Spas of Love]. There was little wonder that even she with her strong will, would become totally drunk when she had the chance to relax in a dinner gathering.

As for Jerry Jan, his temper had been obviously improved since he started to shoot [Down with Love]. Other than having pretty good tacit understanding with the crew members who he had worked with before, it was also because of the bubbly Ella who would take the initiative to show care and to tease him. All that led Jerry who always worn a cold expression on the set before to slowly lower his defense to Ella. Not only he would joke around with the cast and crew, he would also go along with promotion gimmicks such as holding up Xiao S during the KangXi concert in Shanghai. Such behavior was the extreme opposite of what he had displayed in the past.

Ella’s management company expressed: [During the dinner gathering, Ella was not drunk. She was only too tired and wanted to sleep. Therefore, her sister who was living with her came to pick her up.] However, she noted that in S.H.E’s new book, there was a paragraph from Ella that truly could be a footnote to the “little sun” that she had personally drawn: [I am a little sun…but I don’t have as much energy, brilliance or heat as the real sun, I can’t address the world’s needs like the real sun and say yes to everyone’s requests.] This fully illustrated the sad side of her portraying the role of the bearer of happiness.

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ZaiZai, Jerry Yan & Blue Lan have bold women backing them up

Posted by diopatra on May 27, 2009

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

Behind every successful man lies a woman. But in the idol drama world, most of the girls in the past have been jade girls; fragile, courteous & refined. Today, they have become independent, takes the initiative, full of personality and stands equal to the male lead. Like ZaiZai, Jerry Yan & Blue Lan’s new dramas; behind all 3 male idols, lies a ‘bold woman’.

As the ratings continue to climb, the 4-way love triangle in PTV’s ‘Black & White’ seems to become more and more complicated. In the end, will ZaiZai be with Ivy Chen or Janine Chang? This question has triggered fierce debate among netizens. Ivy Chen tells ZaiZai that she is a strong tree, and will forever be by ZaiZai’s side; this bold confession has received a high degree of support.

Ivy plays the daughter of a gangster. Although she appears to be fragile, she is actually stubborn and takes the initiative when it comes to love. This difference in inside and outside further adds colour to her character, becoming the typical ‘bold woman’. However, bold women can also tire themselves out; yesterday the ‘Black & White’ cast held a signing event at Taichung, and after saying a quick hello onstage, Ivy was helped downstage to rest, disappointing many fans.

After Jerry Yan returned from Japan, he immediately began filming GTV’s new drama ‘Just Want To Depend On You’. In the drama, Ella talks loudly and even carries refrigerators; full of ‘bold woman’ flavour. Jerry mistakes her for a lesbian, and gets her to become his nanny. The 2 yesterday filmed with Xiao Xiao Bin, and because she looked so cute, it even made Jerry go blind and NG.

Blue Lan & Joe Chen’s SETTV drama ‘Good Fortune, Happy Life’ is about to air. In the drama, Joe plays a righteous ‘bold sister’, not only does she resist Blue’s evil ways, she even bars the police. Earlier, Joe & SETTV had a big disagreement about Blue touching her chest, in the end, they only filmed above the shoulders; Joe’s bold defense of her chest succeeds!

The 3 bold women steals the spotlight, and has become a hot topic.

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[CHANNEL V] Battle of the POP: Girls vs Boys

Posted by diopatra on May 2, 2009

another Battle of the POP by Channel V. this time its boys vs the girls.

even though the poll just started, im going to predict that the finals will be boy vs boy. lolz.

anyweiz, those who want to join the poll, if you havent registered yet,

register here

and vote for your favorite artist here

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