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Boys Generation – Gee

Posted by diopatra on June 26, 2009

Super Junior – Yesung, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Shindong
2pm- Jaebum, Taecyeon, Nickhun
Shinee- Key
2am – Jo Kwon

i’ve anticipated the skinny jeans, key as representative of shinee. vocals, better than the original. not as hilarious as wonder boys but they all did great. i think they concentrated om vocals than on the dance step.

jokwon, hilarious as usual, yesung, jaebum, taecyeon and eunhyuk is too manly for this kind of thing. sungmin can’t not his performance level, i heard he injured himself before the show. though nothing serious but he had few stitches.

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2PM + 2AM + Super Junior + SHINee to join forces on Music Bank?

Posted by diopatra on June 26, 2009

Girls’ Generation / SNSD’s highly anticipated return isn’t the only thing stirring up interest on the upcoming mid-year June 26th Music Bank extravaganza. Members from the boy groups 2PM, 2AM, Super Junior, and SHINee will come together as Boys Generation and perform “Gee.”

So far, the rumored boys will be, From Super Junior: Yesung, Shindong, and Sungmin. From 2PM: Jaebum, Nickhun, and Taecyeon. From 2AM: Jo Kwon. No word on which SHINee boys will be included to finish the 9 member lineup.

That’s not the only big news for this Music Bank extravaganza, SHINee and Girls’ Generation will pay homage to former SM Entertainment groups H.O.T. and S.E.S. by performing one of their old songs, while 2PM will do the same performing a song by former JYP Entertainment group G.o.d. Popular rookie group 2NE1 will also do a cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella.”

credits: allkpop

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2PM: Junior Magazine

Posted by diopatra on June 22, 2009

Credit: Kor-Eng by Sue@Ch’anrakkhun, Coordinator:
Source: Junior Magazin, Princess @Beztiz

Q: If you took a trip, where would you go to and with whom?
A: I wanna go to my house in America alone.

Q: Your own way, to endure the hot weather in summer?
A: Taking off my clothes, I’ll stand in front of my air-con, and drink a lot of cool water.

Q: If you became a girl, what would you like to do?
A: I’d like to be a princess. It’s gonna be fun.

Q: If you became a girl, who would you like to date with?
A: Khun. He’s rich and can play the piano well. Definitely, he’s handsome.

What I need the most right now is (money).

Q: What kind of job do you want to have except for a singer?
A: A vet. I like animals witch I think, I care for.

Q: When was the moment when you’re faint on the stage?
A: I was featuring 2am with a rap on the stage, suddenly I forgot the lyrics. That was the moment.

Q: what food do you have to eat on summer?
A:Samgyetang(boiling chicken soup) Like cures like/Fight fire with fire.

What I need the most right now is ( bathroom)

Q: What kind of stage do you want to have in the future?
A: A stage with a girl partner? I wanna show such a terrific stage, singing.


Q: What events do you want to happen during the summer?
A: Appearing on the first page in a newspaper? I haven’t done that yet.

Q: What fashion style do you recommend on summer?
A: Don’t ask the fashion of me. T_T

Q: If you became a girl, who would you like to do?
A: I just prefer a man. kkkk

Q: If you became a girl, who would you like to date with?
A: Wooyoung.

What bothers me recently is (Scandal)

Q: If you became a girl, who would you like to do?
A: I’d like to be Miss Universe.

What I want my fans to do is ( understanding me under any circumstances)

Q: If you were on summer vacation, Where would you like to go and with whom?
A: I’d like to go to Thailand. I wanna go there with anybody having the same mind as me.

Q: What events do you want to happen during the summer?
A: Being in a good shape. Waking up, I become Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Reason? To become Jjit-Junho.kkkkkkk (Jjit’s from tearing clothes like Jeabom)

Q: What fashion style do you recommend on summer?
A: For girls, tank-top and hot-pants

Q: Who is the most diligent among your members?
A: Jaebom, Junho, Wooyoung or khun. It depends.

Q: If you became a girl, who would you like to do?
A: Wearing girl’s uniform~

Q: If you became a girl, who would you like to date with?
A: If I were a girl, I would never date with any of 2pm members including me. Kkkk

Q: If you became a girl, who would you like to date with?
A: Junsu. He’ll do very good things. Kkk

Q: Your own way, to endure the hot weather on summer?
A: Divide cool watermelon into 2 and then, eat with a spoon

Q: What events do you want to happen during the summer?
A: Having a Girl friend!!!!! I’m lonely.TT

Q: Who is the one who is different from on-air?
A: Junsu hyoung? Kkkk

Q: Who is the most neat member among 2pm?
A: Khun hyung. He washes twice a day.

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2PM interviews in Singles Magazine

Posted by diopatra on June 19, 2009

SOURCE: Singles Magazine Photographed by Kim Je Won | Written by Park Jie Hyun
Credit: Kor – Eng by Sue@Ch’anRakKhun, Coordinator Cassina@Madam2PMsubs

[2pm. 0% additive. Natural idol]

Asked that “you guys appeared late in the flood of idols. What’s 2pm’s strategy?” they made their poses straight and stiff and broke off their playful looks.

“That’s our performance. We are only the one who are able to do and show.” It tends toward an easy dance to take nowadays, so 2pm’s acrobatic performances look better.

In this world of dancing singer’s, it’s not allowed to make mistakes, but 2pm cares for each others’ movement and dances more energetically compared to others.

And their connections can be sensed by observing 2pm’s actions only for 3 minutes, looking after each others, kidding, and laughing together.

They’re being talkative and suddenly serious. They look loose but they are smart. It’s almost unlikely to express their n-dimensional aspects with 1 dimensional letter on 2 dimensional paper sheets. They’re stereophonic idols, living vividly next to us, not in the holly place.

Q. First impression

Taecyeon: Wooyoung seemed very rude.
Jaebeom: You can say that again. Wooyoung didn’t say hello and were displeased with us, the strangers…
Taecyeon: When I saw Wooyoung for the first time, he’s just taken a shower, rubbing his eyes. So I said “Hello” before he did. You know what? With his eyes rubbed and his face distorted, he reluctantly said “Ah,yes, Hi” That’s all!!!
Jaebeom: We’re Hyung. Senior!
Wooyoung: Omg It’s really perverted. What Jaebeom hyung said happened when we didn’t know each other.
Jaebeom: I was in JYP building. You had to know that I was attached to JYP!
Wooyoung: I was there for an audition…Anyway! It’s because I was waiting for my turn, listening to music. You always tease me that I didn’t greet at that time.
Taecyeon: How about me?
Wooyoung: I didn’t know who Taecyeon hyung is. I was too tired and out of mind to prepare for the audition. I even asked “did you have a meal?” Wa~you just talked only about your side!
Taecyeon: it’s truth that wooyoung is rude. Every member thought in the same way. It means that his first impression was………
Jaebeom: The more we’re close, the more he’s abrupt. HAHA. Actually, I love him~

Q. Uncomfortable moment due to the number of members

Taecyeon: When it comes to choosing dishes. Did you see Jaebeom ordering dishes? Usually, we made one selection. This time it’s no need but we ordered both pizza and hamburgers. That always happens.
Taecyeon: Junho, Chansung and Wooyoung prefer Korean traditional food, but Jaebeom, Khun and I prefer western food such as pizza and hamburgers. That’s the reason why we have a quarrel every time. I would say I like all food.
Wooyoung: He’s talking about only his side. He is something weird! Junsu, let’s have an interview without Taecyeon from now on.
Jaebeom: If Taecyeon is tired, he just skips meals and sleeps.
Junsu: Ah~ I was not supposed to tell the story but I have to. Taecyeon eats his dish if he likes it. If not, he eats others’ dishes.
Taecyeon: Then, Why not tell your own story?

Q. Who’s the most ambitious?

All: Junsu and Junho. The Jun brothers.
(singles: I heard Junsu’s nickname is a Cool guy with his casual/ordinary clothes)
Jaebeom: Frankly, he’s a terrorist in his clothes.
Teacyeon: Recently, am I the Cool guy?

Q. Miss Right

Wooyoung: I just like the girls who are pretty in their normal pants and t-shirt.
Jaebeom: Too much cute and pretty isn’t good. I just like the natural beauty.
Teacyeon: Career woman and free and easy. Good looking and S line are plus factors.
Wooyoung: Why don’t you interview girls?

Q. 2pm’s weapon

Jaebeom: Performance. I show my performance everybody don’t and can’t. Mine is almost new.
Taecyeon: We’re the first team who sings live songs on air and does acrobatics altogether.
Jaebeom: It’s early to say but people say like that in case of performance, it’s 2pm.
Teacyeon: A lot of people enjoy our stages and feel us that we are different from existing idols. I think they love our real, natural and funny lives off stage. That is 2pm’s only weapon.

– Because of the other member’s schedule, only Jaebeom, Junho, Taecyeon, and Wooyoung joined.
– You can read more details about this interview in the issue of July, magazine Singles.

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2PM “To Become This Season’s New Shining Star”

Posted by diopatra on May 14, 2009

2nd single ‘Again & Again’ popularity –
source: kyeongin
Credit: Kor-Eng by Chloejn@Youtube + 2PM online

[kyeongin 13/05/09] Today the top 3 leading entertainment companies are SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment. Each company’s representative performance group, SM’s DongBangShinGi, YG’s Big Bang, and JYP’s 2PM, are in competition with one another. Of these groups, 7 member group, 2PM (JunSu, JaeBum, Nickhun, TaekYeon, WooYoung, JunHo, ChanSung) who debuted last August with their single ‘10 out of 10’ joined in on the competition and are making a year of progress.

Although ‘10 out of 10’ received much attention, they failed to receive the new artist award. However, their start this year is very favorable. Within 9 months of their debut, 2PM’s title track, ‘Again & Again’, from their 2nd Album, ‘2:00PM Time for Change’, was in 1st place on the music program, Mnet M! Countdown on the 7th. On the 10th, they placed 2nd in music charts such as Melon,, and Dosirak.

What sets 2PM apart from DGSG and Big Bang is their choreography. DBSG has a very manly choreographed appeal and Big Bang’s style emphasizes their charm and freedom. 2PM incorporates aerial flips and acrobatics into their choreography, making them very dynamic. But, they have yet to find style that will leave a mark on the audience.

“I think we are able to give off a very powerful feel because of the acrobatics in our performance. However, we are still lacking in some areas. For instance, DBSG’s charisma and their “live (singing)” talent with which they could go solo without any fault and Big Bang’s freedom and cool “naturalness” in their performance.” (JaeBum)

Each of the members have drawn a thicker line from the ‘10 out of 10’ days, in their song style, dance and appearance. TaekYeon, who has cut his hair on either side to bring a more masculine appeal, explained, “During ‘10 out of 10’, we manifested the image like that of a mischievous child. However for the addicting ‘Again & Again’, we are coming back with a more mature masculine image.”

WooYoung said, “Producer J.Y. Park realized that we didn’t have very many “big movements” in our choreography, so he worked with a foreign choreographer to incorporate acrobatics into the dance. At first the dance was so hard that we often got hurt during practice and so, we had to go to the herbal clinic to receive acupuncture.”

JunSu proudly said, “When we were trainees, he said that if we couldn’t dance he wouldn’t debut us. Although at first we thought that they were training us to be gymnasts, now we believe we have a weapon in our favor.”

JunHo laughed while saying, “ Now when I’m flipping in the air I feel delight”.

The other songs on their 2nd album reveal their “weapon” once more. “NiGa MibDa (I Hate You)”, which was told to be a song very suitable for 2PM, has an intense beat and energetic melody although the lyrics are sad. Most of the song is sung by WooYoung however, the song begins with JunHo’s voice color. In the ballad that has a beat, “DorAhOrJiDo MorRah (You Might Come Back)”, you are able to perceive 2PM’s vocal improvement.

The members say that after winning 1st place, for a moment, they were able to look past the hardships that they were going through.

JaeBum, who was born in the United States, said, “After growing up in Seattle, I came to Korea 4 years ago. The food didn’t match me and I was very lonely. But I guess all people adapt. I think that whatever the situation, if you are patient and are able to overcome the problem, you will get results”. TaekYeon, who grew up in Boston, added, “I think this is the jumpstart for our future goal”

The intro track on their new single reveals 2PM’s aspiration through JaeBum’s English rap. “What time is it now? It’s time for change. It’s time for a new star to shine~”

“We are going to be this season’s new shining star. Keep an eye out for us!” (2PM)

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