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Introducing the first annual “allkpop Awards”!

Posted by diopatra on December 7, 2010

The end of the year is near, and the Korean music industry is abuzz with news of upcoming awards shows that seek to recognize the most outstanding artists in a multitude of categories.

As a nod to these important events in the K-pop realm, allkpop has decided to initiate our first ever “allkpop Awards” this year, and we’re inviting fans from all over the world to determine the results!

That’s right – the votes will be 100% determined by international K-pop fans.

In order to ensure that the results are achieved in a fair manner, we’ve established a system in which votes can be submitted once a day per category via Twitter or Facebook.

Fans can vote as many times as they like over the course of the awards voting period, but again, only one vote per category per day will be counted.

We are aiming to make this an award that accurately represents the opinions of the international K-pop community, so check out the nominees below, and help decide K-pop’s best of 2010!


sOURCE: allkpop

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[MV] Big Bang – My Heaven

Posted by diopatra on May 28, 2009

japanese version of their Korean song Heaven.

just read it somewhere, i dont want to add other descriptions that might be in accurate.

i always enjoy Big Bang’s music but really cant say im a fan.

though on this video, im noticing g-dragon’s hotness for the first time 😀

good luck to their japanese new album.

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Big Bang’s on the top of Vietnam

Posted by diopatra on May 9, 2009

Taken from: xo_Cherish_xo blogspot
Translated by shinhdeplol @ soompi or Pinkish @ soompi

Korea’s most popular idol group Big bang has conquered many foreign countries, not only in Asia such as Japan, Thailand… but also very popular in the States…Now Vietnam is also in the BIGBANG syndrome.

The five young boys have made it big in Vietnam after setting an incredible record of 12 consecutive weeks topping the weekly music chart of iTV, an interactive music channel where fans cote through SMS for their favorite songs to be aired. Big bang’s greatest hit Day by Day has topped the international chart for nearly 12 months, surpassing many other great songs by TVXQ, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, SNSD, SS501…Currently, three other songs by Big Bang: G-Dragon’s This love, A Fool’s only tears and Taeyang’s Prayer are in TOP 10. Some other hits such as Lies are Number 1 also used to be on TOP 5.

Big Bang hasn’t released any CDs and hasn’t visited this country yet but they are now everywhere in Vietnam. No schoolgirls don’t know Big Bang. Their stickers, posters and magazine pictures are all sold-out items. The five boys G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung and Seungri are really the kings on their peak of popularity in Vietnam.

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Exceprts from Senoso: GD Talks About YoungBae

Posted by diopatra on April 27, 2009

“Taeyang-ee never ceases to amaze me. Off stage, he’s an innocent and quiet fella but once on stage, he is such a powerful presence and shows such impeccable performance that even I watch in awe. Sometimes I feel so proud of him I can’t believe that he is the YoungBae I know, my practice partner for 6 years.

“When I talk about “friends,” the first person that comes to my mind of course is Taeyang. In “Real Documentary Big Bang,” we were depicted as if we were rivals and wary of each other but the truth is, Taeyang, to me, is the one person I can depend on in the whole world no matter what.
“When I push and yell at the other members, Taeyang-ee comforts them with his warm and tender smile, just like his name. But when I am down or too busy to pay attention, he takes the leader’s role for me. When I think about how I learn and get inspired, stimulated and comforted by him every day, I am like a sunflower looking only at the sun, growing everyday thanks to the sunlight.
“His big, generous heart and unwavering will to pursue perfection to make himself better makes me push myself to stick to the goals I set for myself in the beginning. That is why I want to stay close to him, depend on him, get inspired and stimulated by him and get better every day for the rest of my life.
“I never had the chance to say this to him before but, if I had to choose one friend I want at my deathbed, I would not hesitate to choose Taeyang. I just can’t thank him enough.”

Translated by: pgeorgie
credits: momovip@bbfansite

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Big Bang will have a guerilla concert in Shin Chon

Posted by diopatra on April 22, 2009

big bang

Big Bang, who have finished their official activities, will have a guerilla concert.

They will be performing a hot stage at the ‘Hite Cool Concert’ on the 26th at the Shin Chon Migliore plaza in Seoul.

Big Bang, who are currently the models for Hite Beer, are planning to start off with ‘So fresh, So Cool,’ which was used as the background music for the CF, and perform a variety of their hit songs like ‘Sunset Glow.’

Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon said, “It feels like this will be Big Bang’s last performance for 2009. We will be practicing more and more so that we can show the best performance where we can send out as much cool heat of youth as we want. ”

There will be other famous Korean performance teams other than Big Bang taking the stage this day. Hanwool Sori, Joeun Chingoodeul (Good Friends), Animation Crew, Hot Night Crew, and more will perform.

On the other hand, Big Bang will be releasing a live album and behind the scenes story photobook of their concert, Big Show, called ‘Show, another Big Show.’ After G-Dragon and Taeyang’s solo releases, Top and Seungri’s drama contributions, and other solo activities, Big Bang will officially enter the Japanese music market the second half of the year.


Translated by bigbangnyuh
Credits to Ideal_K@bbvipz for posting
Post taken from: bbn♥ @VIPz Overseas + BBfansite + YG World

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