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Ariel Lin takes on the music industry, turned hoarse while compiling songs for her album

Posted by diopatra on June 16, 2009

By Chiang Chih-lin
Source: United Daily News
Translated by: btzigane @

Golden Bell awardee Ariel Lin has shifted her focus to the music business, penning the lyrics for her new song “Sweet garden.” She’s been preparing for her new album in the past six months, but had to take a short break in between after straining her voice and turning “hoarse” from practicing too diligently. She recovered after two weeks, but her voice also sounded different, so much so that people who’ve seen her ad have asked: “Is that really Ariel Lin singing?”

Ariel had joined a choir when she was in primary school and was placed in the soprano section. [Avex] recording company hired a vocal coach to help her start all over again and found out that she’s been using the wrong spot (technique?) in singing, her voice should be classified as being in the low-medium range. She laughed and said: “So I’d been using falsetto to talk to people all these years. Now this is my real voice.”

Ariel, who’s won acclaim for her acting, found filming the MV easy, acting as a sweet couple with her “shidi” (her junior colleague in ChouStar) David. But her young “shidi” was very shy, and looked quite stiff. Faced with his “shijie” (senior colleague) who was about to give him a passionate hug, he was so scared he backed off. Ariel said jokingly: “Am I that scary?”

The MV is about a man who, wanting to give his girlfriend a surprise, left her without saying goodbye to travel all over to shoot different garden scenes. Ariel said, at the most she could only stand her boyfriend not contacting her for seven days, and he has to tell her afterward why he left, otherwise that would be too much (i.e. leaving without saying why)!

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Lee Da Hae reveals: will marry Will Pan soon!

Posted by diopatra on May 27, 2009

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

Will Pan enjoys ultimate 007 elite. Yesterday noon, he held a press conference at FELIX restaurant in the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. Earlier, he had collaborated with Korean female artist Lee Da Hae in one of his MVs and she specially flew to Hong Kong to support him. Her hot sexy dress made her look like a Bond girl.

Will is about to release his 7th album ‘007’, in the past he has earned a massive $500million for his record company, and yesterday Universal Music smashed over $2million to hold the press conference in the Peninsula Hotel. Lee Da Hae, who finished filming the MV in end of April, and who has been staying in touch with Will via e-mails, basically flew to Hong Kong for free.

When Lee Da Hae saw Will, she was very excited and used her 4-year learnt Chinese to praise him non-stop saying he is handsome, witty, well-mannered, and said ‘perfect man’ 3 times. She did not try to hide her good feelings towards Will, and expressed that even her mum has been mesmerised by him.

At the press conference, Will was encouraged by everyone to kiss Lee Da Hae, and she smiled shyly and joked: “We’re going to get married, because everyone knows it already.”

Will revealed: “Being 28 already, I feel like it’s time to find a girlfriend. I’m very careful when it comes to picking girlfriends, I will have to consider whether my parents will like her, it’s kind of like picking a wife.”

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Jolin catches bridal bouquet; Wants to date but has no boyfriend candidates

Posted by diopatra on April 24, 2009

jolin tsaijolin tsai

Source: LibertyTimes
Translation by minivicki @

For the first time in her life, Jolin caught a wedding bouquet and although she looked delighted on the outside, her feelings were actually down for a while. She moaned “I don’t have a lover!”, revealing that she really wants to start dating!

For her new MV “My Reliance (我的依賴) (Wo De Yi Lai)”, Jolin turns into a wedding party singer, giving blessing to the married couple. On the day of filming the MV, the wedding location was chosen to be the green pasture outside and when asked about her own ideal wedding location, Jolin said “I will choose to marry at the seaside. A very simple wedding and then have a party to celebrate!”

The director arranged for the bride to throw the bridal bouquet and Jolin will be in the midst of a crowd. The bridal bouquet will unexpectedly fall in front of her, giving Jolin no choice but to catch it. The workers joked that “Catching the bridal bouquet means that you’ll be the next to ring the wedding bells!” Although Jolin was delighted to hear that, she couldn’t help but lament “There’s not even a candidate yet, how will the wedding come?”

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