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SHINee VS 2PM : Round 2

Posted by diopatra on May 13, 2009

Credit : Korean – Thai by, Thai-Eng by Offogato + 2PM Online

[My Daily] 09/05/12: SHINee and 2PM, two leading male groups who debuted last year, are about to engage in fierce competition again this year. SHINee is likely to gain more popularity last year. However, 2PM has a good head start and is flying high this time around.

SHINee will return to music scene with a mini-album “Romio” on the 21st of May. It has been 9 months since their debut album “The SHINee World” which was launched in August, 2008.

Last year, SHINee was seemed to be more shined than other new comers like 2PM, 2AM and U-Kiss. They maintained their popularity by continuously releasing many hit songs like “Replay” “Love Like Oxygen”, and “Amigo”. Through these successes, SHINee was undoubtedly received many New Comer awards last year.

2PM is currently promoting their 2nd album “2:00PM Time for Change” in full gear. Either it is coincidence or not, SHINee will be back next week. Thus these two groups will inevitably battle each other to get their popularity from fans.

However, this time around the situation has changed. 2PM’s new single “Again & Again” becomes a big hit and is dominating 1st spot in many music charts. Besides, 2PM just got their 1st Mutizen Award from “SBS Ingigayo” last Sunday. It is interesting to see whether SHINee will be able to claim their popularity back while their rival 2PM is currently doing so well at the time.

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[update] Battle of the POP: Boys vs Girls (2nd Round)

Posted by diopatra on May 12, 2009

as expected i’ve expected the boys are doing well especially my faves dbsk and super junior. some of the girls are putting a good fight like, agnes monica, rihanna, boa, she.

the competition getting intense, so let’s vote for our favorites till the poll end.

vote here

if you haven’t registered yet, you can register here

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[CHANNEL V] Battle of the POP: Girls vs Boys

Posted by diopatra on May 2, 2009

another Battle of the POP by Channel V. this time its boys vs the girls.

even though the poll just started, im going to predict that the finals will be boy vs boy. lolz.

anyweiz, those who want to join the poll, if you havent registered yet,

register here

and vote for your favorite artist here

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Super Junior’s K.R.Y vs SS501’s Triple S

Posted by diopatra on April 27, 2009

both sub-group of my two of my fave idol group.

if you ask me im a bit biased towards KRY since im just a new fan of SS501, but im not going to deny that Triple S have the voice that can melt anyone’s heart.

everytime both of this group perform, im speechless.

i started this not to create conflicts between fans but lets have a friendly discussion about this.


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