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Wonder Girls Chinese Album Release Date Set

Posted by diopatra on February 2, 2010

Wonder Girls,South Korea’s Nation Sister is set to release their 2 disc edition special album collection on the 12th of February. The album includes all their past works including hit singles like “Tell Me”, “So Hot” & “Nobody”. The Wonder Girls was noted as one of the top 8 Girl groups to watch out for by Virgin Media & was featured on People’s Magazine

With members, Sunye, Ye Eun, Sunmi, Sohee & Yubin, these 5 girls were selected to form the Wonder Girls through a competition. Making their debut in 2007 with hit single “Irony”, after experiencing losing member from the group, Wonder Girls returned to the music scene with another big hit “Tell Me”. Successfully to claim the #1 spot for 8 weeks in various Korean music charts. In 2008, releasing their hottest single yet, “So Hot”, claiming #1 spot for 6 weeks in Korena music charts. Following with the release of “Nobody”, Wonder Girls managed to claim various awards in Korea’s Music Industry.

Wonder Girls “Best Collection” CD+DVD album will be released in Taiwan, includes 13 tracks of their past works, & exclusive tracks of “So Hot”, “Tell Me” & “Nobody”, all in mandarin version. A total of 16 tracks. Wonder Girls had practiced their mandarin for this album, the lyrics aren’t the usual simple wordings, but it contains some “poetry” behind these lyrics.

Starting from february 1st, FM92.1 UFO Radio Station (Taiwan Radio Station), will be broadcasting the chinese version of the girls’ hit single “Nobody”. DVD will contain music videos including “Nobody”, “So Hot” & “Tell Me”. For this festive season, a “Wonder Girls Ang Bao(Red Packet) would be given away with purchase of this special collection album.

Broadcast dates:

Nobody (Mandarin Version): 1st – 3rd February

So Hot (Mandarin Version): 4th – 6th February

{SOURCE: baidu}
{TRANSLATION: kazaf10}

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Wonder Girls to have 3rd Anniversary fan meeting

Posted by diopatra on February 2, 2010

JYP Entertainment has announced on the 29th that they would be organizing a fan meeting this coming February to celebrate the Wonder Girls 3rd anniversary.

With February 10th marking the Wonder Girls 3rd anniversary, JYP Entertainment is preparing for a special fan meeting to celebrate the occasion with Wonderfuls. But most importantly, it will be an important channel for fans to communicate with the Wonder Girls about their doubts/queries, regarding Sunmi’s withdrawal especially.

A JYPE representative expressed that the exact date has yet to be fixed as they needed to notify and discuss with the Wonder Girls and their family members. But the fan meeting will definitely be held within February.

SOURCE: allkpop
CREDIT: wgspectacle!

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Wonder Girls – Nobody (English Version)

Posted by diopatra on June 26, 2009

just being real, it doesnt sound good.

wonder girls really against all odds on this current activity.

1. the fact that they are asian, lets accept it, how many asians made it to the mainstream?
2. wonder girls music is not the kind of music mainstream music fans into. yes its catchy, it may attract curiousity of few, but i doubt if it will last.
3. language barrier. the girls may have improved, but its far from good. and literally translating the korean version doesnt help at all. as i’ve commented before, i wish they rearrange the song differently but with the same meaning like Wheesung did to Craig David’s Insomia.

well, i still wish they’ll be successful. i love their korean songs, there’s no doubt about that

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Wonder Girls on BBQ Chicken

Posted by diopatra on June 25, 2009

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4 Minute Member Kim HyunA Speaks Up About Depression, Thanks Ye Eun of WG

Posted by diopatra on June 24, 2009

4 Minute member Kim HyunA confessed that she had suffered from severe depression and weight-loss after leaving the Wonder Girls 2 years ago. “After the Wonder Girls gained popularity and support from ‘Tell Me,’ everyone’s attentions were reverted to me.

It was extremely difficult for me to deal with at a young age of 15. I suffered from depression and even thought about unimaginable things. My health was failing drastically, which led to severe weight-loss. I ended up weighing about 38 kg in the end,” she explained.

“I learned a lot during those hard times. I tried to leave the stage forever and to stop performing, but I couldn’t. I wanted to start anew, whatever it may be. Now that I think about it, Wonder Girls was not my place and not for me. It makes me happy to know that I am able to be here with a different opportunity.”

Kim HyunA had to leave the Wonder Girls regarding her health issues, but after the ‘Tell Me’ phenomena, netizens’ and fans’ interests were immediately shifted towards her. She ended by replying, “Wonder Girls was something very important in my career and life because it helped spread my name in this world. I still call and talk often with all of them. Sometimes, netizens try to get us into fights, but I’ve never thought of them as my rivals. My goal is to become a group with a different style and charm, and end up meeting each other proudly, face to face.”

She also thanks Ye Eun of Wondergirls saying “she must be very busy in America but for her to monitor me even with her hectic schedule, it was sweet.”

credits: sradioclub

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