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Junjin confirms that he’s the reason why Shin Hyesung spent at least 10 million won on alcohol

Posted by diopatra on June 18, 2009

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa +

Shinhwa member Shin Hyesung had previously mentioned that he has already spent a total of about some 10 million won (approx USD10,000) on drinking because of Junjin.

During the recording for the 16th June episode of MBC Every1’s “It’s The Age Of Flower Boys”, Junjin admitted that what Shin Hyesung said was the truth.

Junjin said, “I’ve never forced him to pay, but he always insists on paying,” before adding with some unhappiness, “Only Shin Hyesung puts me down in front of others.”

He also talked about how he had a zero balance in his bank account and some interesting experiences related to cars.

In addition, he talked about why he doesn’t have much to say on MBC variety show ‘Infinite Challenge’ when asked by MC Lee Ji Hoon. Junjin however, did prove his wit and speaking skills in verbal exchanges with the MCs.

He added, “I’ve learnt a great deal from the IC hyungs about politics, economics and culture”, arousing the MCs’ curiosity with such a surprising statement.

This episode will be aired on 16th June at 11pm on MBC Every1

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Super Jurnior, “Among Shinhwa members, we want to be most like Shin Hye Sung”

Posted by diopatra on May 8, 2009

source: 윤현진
eng trans:

Popular male group Super Junior, among the members of sunbae group Shinhwa, chose Shin Hye Sung as the member they wanted to be most like.

Super Junior, while appearing on a recent KBS 2TV “Star Golden Bell” recording, when asked the question about which sunbae among Shinhwa members they want to most be like, placed Shin Hye Sung in the first position.

Particularly, Super Junior member Kyuhyun revealed, “Because I lke to place computers on a regular basis, Shin Hye-Sung allowed me to be introduced to Pro Game company Gam Dok (감독). Through Shin Hye Sung sunbaenim’s hard work I’ve been able to get to know many pro-gamers, so I was happy and grateful.” This revelation caused the recording space to break into laughter.

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Shin Hyesung hurts knee in first concert of Asia tour

Posted by diopatra on May 4, 2009

shin hyesung

Shinhwa member Shin Hyesung fell and hurt himself during the first concert of his “2009 Shin Hyesung Keep Leaves Tour in Seoul” at Ewha Women’s University on 2nd May. About 2,800 fans attended the concert.

Shin Hyesung was re-entering the stage during the fan photograph segment, but unfortunately got his foot wedged between the steps and fell. A spokesperson from his management agency said, “He escaped the crisis of a fracture and continued with the concert. However, his knee was hurt.” Shin Hyesung had continued with his performance despite a slight limp.

After ending the Seoul leg of the concert, Shin Hyesung will continue with the tour in Busan on 31st May; Taiwan and Singapore in July; Shanghai, Osaka and Tokyo in August. He will also be releasing a special album in Korea in June and embark on promotional activities.

Source: Six Senses+Mydaily+Newsen
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa

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Shin HyeSung: In the midst of arrangements with a pretty idol group

Posted by diopatra on April 26, 2009

eng trans:

Entering upon a live tour concert, Shin Hyesung: “In the midst of arrangements with a pretty idol group”

Shinhwa’s lead vocal, Shin Hye-Sung, is preparing a concert in which he and his fans can sympathize with one another.

SHS: Y-Star viewers, everyone, hellow, I am Shin Hye-Sung. Nice to see you.

Last November, Shin Hye Sung successfully completed his second solo Asia tour, visiting such places as Seoul, Shanghai, Osaka, and Tokyo. This May, he will start his third live tour with the opening of “Keep Leaves in Seoul.”

Q: Concert introduction…?
SHS: It’s called “2009 Keep Leaves Tour” and starts in Seoul. Japan, China, the plan is to go around Asia.

Q: Differences beteen a group and solo concert…?
SHS: Both are fun. It seems fun but the first time was really awkward. The first concert I did alone, I was very worried and troubled but because now is the third time … I’ve adapted so it seems I can enjoy myself.

Last concert on stage, Shin Hye Sung and the Wondergirls together showed a cool stage. For this concert, what type of unexpected look will he be showing? How can one not be curious?

Q: Last concert the Wondergirls appeared as guests …?
SHS: From some point on, because the Wondergirls have come as guests a lot to my concert, it seems that a lot of politely anticipating males are present. For this concert, wondering which cute and pretty idol group will come, so I’m feeling a little burdened … it’s in the middle of arrangements.

Even though he is over 30, unchanged for this time, boastful Shin Hye Sung! Seems always to be like this, he has prepared a lot for surprise events for his fans.

Q: Are there events prepared for the concert …?
SHS: I’ve prepared something different. Many events that will surprise over and over again. You will be surprised. Really …

Q: The surprising event…?
SHS: If I tell, it will be no fun of course. Of course you have to come. You have to come. Definitely have to come.

Showing a various repetoire and with Surprise guests, Shin Hye Sung’s concerts will open on May the 2nd and 3rd at Ewha Women’s University Auditorium.

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Shin Hyesung: I did a random dance when I auditioned for Shinhwa

Posted by diopatra on April 17, 2009


On the 15th April episode of SBS music program ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’, singer Shin Hyesung introduced the song ‘Love Without Regrets’ by the group Position, taken off their 1996 debut album as an unforgettable song that he holds dear to his heart. “I sang this song at an audition for the group that eventually made its debut as Shinhwa.”

“I didn’t aspire to be a singer at first. By chance I followed a friend who had dreams of becoming a singer to the audition and I sang in front of Mr Lee Soo Man. I only got to sing a very short part of the song, so I thought that I was going to get dropped.”

However Shin Hyesung was then asked to dance. He recalled, “At that time I was told to do a dance, but I really couldn’t dance at all. Although at auditions you would do anything to get selected but I flat refused and said, ‘I’m afraid I don’t like to dance. I won’t dance and I can’t dance.’ But the music had already started and I couldn’t do anything but to do a random dance.”

After that revelation, the audience all wanted to see the now-balladeer Shin Hyesung in action, and he eventually abandoned his reservations and performed an adorable dance to the cheers of the audience.

Shin Hyesung has been actively promoting his 3rd album with the title track ‘Why Did You Call’, where the music video was shot in Japan. To the amusement of the audience, he also shared the story of having to put up with the smell of manure on the snow while he had to maintain his composure to convey sad emotions for the filming.

source: Newsen
translated by: midnightgirl13 @ absolutshinhwa

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